Our Approach

Our transformative marketing process guides everything that we do by aligning strategy and implementation with an in-depth, research-based understanding of our clients and their customers. The work of a modern marketer, however, is never complete. No matter how exceptional the initial strategic vision and creative execution may be, iterative analysis and optimization ensure success and maximum ROI.

Transformative Marketing Process

Client Goals

If you’re coming to Olive & Company, you already have some sort of marketing or organizational goals in mind, even if they haven’t fully taken form. Whether you’re looking to refresh or differentiate your brand, generate and nurture leads, improve your website experience, or all of the above, these goals serve as the launching point for our process.

Brand Foundation Phase

The first stages of our process comprise the Brand Foundation Phase. This is where we research your customer audiences, develop your brand platform, and determine the most impactful path for implementation.

Customer Research

At this stage, we understand who you are as an organization and what you hope to accomplish. The next step is to gain a better understanding of your audience and your marketplace. The more we know about your customers, the better we can deliver compelling marketing experiences.

Brand Development

Equipped with an in-depth understanding of your organization and customers, we begin the process of formulating your brand positioning, messaging, and visual identity.

Implementation Planning

As the various brand elements come into focus, our perspective shifts toward implementation. What assets need to be created, modified, or purged? How will the various marketing touchpoints work together to establish a cohesive brand experience? What are the priorities, and what is the plan?

Creative Implementation Phase

Once the initial Brand Foundation Phase has been completed, we begin working on the implementation of the creative deliverables that you’ll use to differentiate your brand and connect with your customers at each step along their journey.


This is where the magic happens. Blending creative vision into strategic diligence, we’ll concept the big ideas in this phase. We find innovative ways to tell your brand story through a variety of channels to make sure it gets noticed by the people that matter, your customers.


Big ideas are only as good as their execution. From content to design to development to launch to delivery, our team manages everything. Paying attention to every last creative and strategic detail, we make sure the final product aligns with your vision.

Iterative Continuous Improvement

By measuring and analyzing performance on an ongoing basis, we identify opportunities to learn, refine, and improve marketing performance across critical metrics.


Analytics give us a glimpse into how our approach is received by your customers. Through a strategic lens, we weigh these analytics against key performance indicators. We then dig beyond the numbers to understand what they mean and what we can do better.


With the insights we’ve gleaned from the analytics, we adjust our marketing approach as we move back into the Creative Implementation Phase where we’ll tweak and fine-tune the work to maximize performance.

Client Results

We measure ourselves based on our clients’ success, so we maintain our focus on results throughout our entire process. These results are tied directly to your organizational goals, ensuring that your marketing investment makes a meaningful impact on your bottom line.