About Us

Founded in 2003, the team at Olive & Company has dedicated our existence to a single purpose: providing transformative marketing solutions that differentiate brands, connect with customers, and deliver results. The tools and tactics have changed over the years, but our collective passion for serving clients remains unaltered.

How do we do it? By blending research, strategy, and creative to build authentic brands and compelling marketing experiences. From kicking off the earliest stages of discovery to defining and implementing your brand to optimizing the performance of your website and inbound marketing campaigns, we employ an efficient process that fosters creativity and focuses on results. That’s the Olive approach, and we’re confident it will help your organization achieve its vision.

Our Philosophy

Research-Based Creativity

Everyone in our studio shares a profound passion for creativity, in all its many forms, but, when building brands and marketing experiences, creativity is most powerful when based on research and aligned, precisely, with your organization’s goals. Our creative approach builds on the insights gathered through research in order to optimize every design, every piece of content, and every interaction, ensuring success.

Brand Vision and Stewardship

Whether we are defining your brand strategy from the ground up, filling in critical messaging gaps, or implementing marketing components based on an established brand platform, our team takes pride in expressing and protecting your organization’s brand vision. Brands are formed in the minds of your customers through every experience, and, as your agency partner, we take the role of brand steward to heart.

Transformative Thinking

If you’re searching for an agency, you’re also probably looking for a change. Maybe your brand no longer reflects your organization’s positioning. Maybe your marketing isn’t connecting with prospective customers. Maybe your website experience has fallen behind the competition. Whatever the present situation may be, our team is here to help guide your transformation process.

Results-Focused Optimization

In order to drive results and reach objectives, modern marketing requires a commitment to continuous improvement. Even the most brilliant ideas can always be improved upon, and our team never rests in our efforts to optimize the performance of your marketing initiatives. Ultimately, we’re here to deliver a return on your marketing investment, and that’s how we measure success.